Our Purpose

The Holly City Development Corporation (HCDC) was established in late 1998 as a non-profit affiliate of the Millville Housing Authority and structured as a nonprofit community development organization. Acting as the 501(c)3, non-profit arm of the Millville Housing Authority, the HCDC was tasked with identifying additional resources and increased funding opportunities. These resources would be allocated to facilitate the development of affordable housing and other, related community-based projects within the central core of the city. The Holly City Family Center project was a result of the work of this nonprofit as were additional affordable housing, homeownership projects in nearby neighborhoods. More recently, HCDC captured Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit funding from the NJ Department of Community Affairs to stimulate a broad range of neighborhood renewal projects.

Today, the Holly City Development Corporation is an independent, 501(c)3) organization recognized statewide as a positive example of partnership, resource development, and creativity in community and economic development. This progression provides the backdrop to examine the strategic direction of the organization, its’ programs, and their consistency in meeting current and emerging neighborhood needs. The type of ongoing assessment that the strategic plan will outline, ensures the organization remains effective and efficient in meeting its missions. The development of this strategic plan provides both a renewed understanding of priority issues around which our organization can focus our efforts and, activities to actualize our mission. The plan also provides the context for successful plan implementation and a dedication to honest and ongoing evaluation. Targeted strategies and evaluation will ensure that we remain a successful organization committed to community planning and renewal.

The corporation works collaboratively with partners and a diverse set of stakeholders across the City of Millville to achieve its mission of community renewal within center city. It has a vision for the future of Millville based on revitalizing the building blocks of the city: its neighborhoods. It exists to help the city thrive by balancing economic and community development and social well-being. This organization is committed to facilitating community improvements that advance the city’s safety, access to resources, and equity.

Governed by an engaged board of respected community leaders, Holly City Development Corporation assists the community in the process of capacity building, planning, the formation of strategic partnerships, advancing the creative sector, seeking public and private funding, and empowering community-based decisions. HCDC also provides direct financial assistance, as available through acquired resources, to our broad base of stakeholders and community partners.